Feedback Gathering
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Feedback Gathering is's Google TOS compliant method of gathering feedback from users before they leave reviews on profiles.

To enable Feedback Gathering from a campaign, go to the Campaign's Settings page (or during the initial campaign creation wizard):

The first thing you will add is the 'Welcome Text', or the message that your customer will see when they first land on your Feedback Gathering web page.

Next, you'll select the 'Positive Feedback Threshold'. This is the rating value that determines whether a potential reviewer is directed to leave feedback for you on a feedback form, or goes through to leave a review on one of our your Review Profiles. has a dynamic feedback form builder that allows you to gather feedback from customers that is specifically tailored to your business.

Add new fields by clicking the 'Add custo field' link:

Currently, supports you adding Text Fields, Text Areas and Dropdowns (with more coming in the future). Let our customer support know any other custom field types you'd like to use!

Here's an example feedback form:


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