Creating a Campaign
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To create a campaign you'll need to click on the 'Campaigns' tab within a location's view:

After clicking the 'Create Campaign' button, you'll reach the initial step of the Campaign creation wizard.

You'll be greeted by:

1. The name of the campaign (this is internal and only users with access to the dashboard will see it.)

2. A location select drop down, to choose the business location you are creating this campaign for.

3. Whether you want the campaign to send SMS & emails 24/7 or only during business hours.

4. The timezone of the business.

5. If you would like to enable Feedback Gathering. Without Feedback Gathering, links that are sent out to your customers will go directly to your Review Profiles. With Feedback Gathering, links will lead customers to an initial feedback page.

Next, you'll add your campaign messages. Your campaign can send SMS or Email messages:

Configure the delay between a contact being added to your campaign and a message being sent to them via the 'Wait' field:

Add new messages in your sequence by clicking the 'Add Message' button. Here we've added a new email to be sent 2 hours after the initial SMS:

Note that when we send an email we must also add a Subject.

Campaigns support a number of substitution tokens so you can dynamically insert things like feedback gathering URLs, customer contact information, direct links to review profiles and more:

Once you've created your campaign messages, you'll be able to add contacts to your campaign. If you aren't ready to add contacts now, don't worry - just click next and you'll be able to easily add them later.

Finally, review your campaign settings and click 'next' to start your campaign:

Congratulations, your campaign has been created.


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