Adding a Business and Locations
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If you're a new user to, the first thing you'll be prompted to do is create a business.

Users with existing businesses can go to their businesses tab and click the 'Add Business' button:

Once there, you'll need to enter the name of the business, the logo, and optionally, the email of the owner of the business.

Next you'll need to add one or more locations for this business.

When adding your first location within a business you will be greeted by a simple splash screen. Click connect to continue.

On the New Business Location screen, you'll need to add the location's name, address and Review Profiles you want to monitor and generate reviews for.

1. Enter the business name

2. Enter the address for this location

3. Use the search input to locate the Review Profiles you want to monitor and generate reviews for. Once you've selected the Review Website, you'll need to enter the URL for your business.

4. Select the Review Profile.

5. Enter the necessary Review Profile information. Google listings will require a Place ID.

6. Click 'Add Review Profile'. You can add up to 3 Review Profiles for your location by default.

We'll automatically begin syncing the reviews for your location and you can now use this location to create a review generation campaign.


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